Welcome to Southern California Garden! I’m Megan– the founder of Southern California Garden and a lover of all things plants! I’ve lived in Southern CA for over a decade and have fallen in love with its unique climate and natural landscape. Whether you have a yard with lots of space or a small apartment (my situation for many years), this community is for you.

I love to be outdoors and outside in my garden. As a mom with small children and a full-time job, however, it can sometimes feel like a luxury. I started this blog to share and connect with other aspiring gardeners. True confession– not everything I plant grows! This community isn’t just for those with a green thumb but for those, who like me, are still learning. 

Our website was founded with the mission of empowering gardeners of all levels with the knowledge, resources, and inspiration they need to grow successful and beautiful gardens in the unique climate and soil conditions of Southern California.

Our team of experienced and passionate gardeners is dedicated to bringing you the best information and advice on everything from planting and watering to pest control and landscape design. With a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship, we strive to help our users grow gardens that are both beautiful and eco-friendly.